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2021 ACVR Content

2021 Online Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research (ACVR) Content

Opening Keynote: Mary Lou Clements-Mann Memorial Lecture in Vaccine Sciences

  • The Science of Vaccine Confidence

Novel Advances in Vaccine Sciences

  • Advances in Precision Vaccinology
  • Single Cell Analysis of Vaccine Responses
  • Novel Type 2 Oral Poliovirus Vaccine (nOPV2)

COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

  • The COVID-19 Experience in Israel
  • Managing COVID-19 in Low- to Middle-Income Countries
  • Vaccine Deployment: Challenges and Changes

Women Leaders in Vaccinology Panel Discussion

Richard J. Duma, MD, PhD, Meet the Experts

Scientific and Ethical Challenges in the Setting of a Pandemic

  • Ethics, Rights, Equity, and Covid-19 Vaccines
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Trials: The Challenge of Representation
  • Epidemiologic Evaluation of Vaccine Effectiveness Post-Implementation/Licensure: US
  • Evaluation of Post-implementation Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness: A Global Perspective

NFID Recognition & Leadership

  • Robert Austrian Memorial Lecture: What Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Us about Pneumococcal Disease Prevention?
  • Dr. Charles Mérieux Award Presentation for Achievement in Vaccinology & Immunology: Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Development and the Future of Vaccinology

Oral Abstract Q&A Breakout Sessions

Closing Panel: Planning for the Next Pandemic: Lessons Learned